The Social Shop

Hi Class,

Favela Fabric launched The Social Shop. The Social Shop is a performance based social sales platform. This is a form of social shopping, but then in a different way. It gives customers not only the ability to recommend products/services, but also the ability to resell them.

How does it works?

Companies can let satisfied customers create an online web store. The customer can promote and resell company’s products or products of a specific brand. The customer functions as a reseller.

Customers can use Facebook and Twitter to get the attention of people to their online web shop. If a customer sells something, he earns a compensation, an affiliate fee.

I think this is an excellent idea because social networks often share the same interests. Also, people trust the opinions of their friends. If your friend says he likes a certain product, then you assume that the product is good.

What do you think about The Social Shop?



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