Since a lot of people use Facebook now, more information is becoming public. This makes it easier for stalkers to track their preys and get information about them. Cyberstalkers mostly do this by creating fake accounts to monitor friends, colleagues and even family members (according to If you think of stalkers, the first thing that comes to mind are dark and creepy persons that secretly watch girls or boys they like. Ex-relationships may also have a large share in the stalker industry. However, because Facebook is getting more popular by the day, stalking becomes more easy for everyone!

Research shows that Americans use Facebook 2 hours a day. In this time they also spy on friends and family members. Is this stalking? Only if the person doesn’t want the other person watching (so if they are not friends on Facebook). However, due to the fact that you can make dummy Facebook accounts (up to 10 before Facebook blocks your IP address), you can gain access to your  prey which you want to stalk.

According to the Inforgraphic below, 3% of Twitter usage is stalking other people. Youtube only has 1.5%, but Facebook has a whopping 16% of stalker usage. 88% of students that use Facebook admits that they check on ex-relationships, and 74% admits that they look on the Facebook page of the new lover of those exes.

The Infographic below explains it all it a good way!



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