Blog Advertising

Blog Advertising

When we were discussing the facebook case, in particular the part about advertising, a interresting thought came up. The UnME jeans case for example showed that the ads on facebook had a relatively low clickthough rate, without even considering the fact whether people actually bought things. This makes the use of advertisements rather debatable, since it’s hard to measure the total profit created by a advertisement.

I also heard that the system of advertising on blogs is totally different. If you have a personal blog, you can also ask companies to put ads on display on you’re blog. Though for a company it’s not always that interestring to be visible on every blog, especially if you have to pay for it. Though for the blogger point of few you’re not going to put an ad on your blog if you wont recieve something in return, since it wil offtenly only bother your readers.
The system blogs use is explaned in the link, posted with this post. A blogger can ask a company to put a ad on his or her blog, and if a reader clicks on it, and performs an action like buying something, the companie pays the blogger. This on one hand makes sure companies only pay when they know for sure that they get something in return, and the bloggers get stimulated to keep their blog updated and interresting in order to attract more readers, so they earn more money through advertisements.

I think this system is better, since nobody gets disadvantaged. The interresting thing is that the customer and producer roles are swaped. With facebook, the advertisers are the customers, buying for example space for a certain time from facebook, though with blogging, the blogger is the producer, attracting readers, and the company is the customers, getting the readers, and paying for that if the reader actually buyes things.


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