Stamped. A social application acquired by Yahoo last week.

Stamped is an application which records and shares all of user’s favorite things such as restaurants, books, movies and music and so on. Usually, people check the recommendations and reviews of the places or things they are going to go and do; however, it might be a little bit unsure for people who left those comments are stranger for us and their preferences may terribly different from us. Sometimes, even if we want to ask for the opinion from our friends, we cannot just find them on the spot. Therefore, Stamped is created to solve this problem. It allows users to see what are the favorite restaurants, movies, music, bars and books of your friends.

Stamped first arrived on iOS in November 2011, as an alternative way to show and share the things we like in real world. It is far from a rating system, instead of giving stars in rating, user just “stamp” it, meaning you approve. We can like, comment or even add items our friends share to our personal to-do lists on the app. Afterwards, Stamped even expands to the web version and try to attract more people by inviting some celebrities like Justin Biber, Ellen Degeneres to use the app.
Last week, Stamped was acquired by Yahoo in a deal whose terms were not disclosed.

The video below is the brief concept of Stamped.



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