Don’t Tag Me!

Facebook users upload more than 250 million photos every day, from these 250 million photos each day some of these uploads come from your friends. As many of us find it annoying when someone tags a photo of you in a picture that you don’t want to be tagged in or it is an ugly photo. If you haven’t had a negative experience related to your Facebook photos, you most likely know someone who has. Often these experiences cause serious consequences for the person whose photo was uploaded. Some examples are users who lost their job because of a Facebook photo.

Users may try to avoid situations like these by turning on Facebook’s “Profile Review”. This feature enables users to approve tags before they show up on their timelines. But this feature will not stop people form tagging embarrassing photos of you or having these images show up elsewhere on Facebook and the Internet.

Earlier this year Facebook announced that it had purchased Instagram. This alarmed disapproving users who once again expressed dismay, concern and even fear about what it would mean for their privacy. But there are lots of ways on how to save and delete Instagram photos before Facebook will make them visible.

For those of you who are interested. There is a whole article written about the “don’t tag me” problem.


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