Social Media Junkie

Hi everyone,

Yesterday, while I was driving to the EUR, I heard on the radio something about social media junks. Addiction clinics can prepare themselves for a new group: the social media junkies.

People get in panic if their Facebook isn’t checked before they sleep, people can’t sleep if Twitter is struggling with a fault. These are symptoms that you should ask yourself whether you are addicted or not.

Currently in the Netherlands, 3.2 million people are on Twitter and 7.3 million on Facebook. According to research company IVO 4% of the young people can’t control the internet use. Internet use among young people between 2006 and 2009 increased from 2 to 15 hours a week. That is a huge increase. Do you think that social media junkies will coming up?

Are you a social media junkie? Test it on


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