Homework assignment: Diffusion and Social Influence

Tim Six

In this blogpost I will discuss the assigned readings of this week. After that I will show my 2 examples of related platforms/companies. For this week we had to read 3 articles about diffusion and social influence. The main subject of the articles was about the ability to measure influence of people and the adoption of products. Tomorrow I will present my findings in a short poster presentation.

The first article is about an experiment to measure the effectiveness of viral product design. In this experiment they designed an experimental application to see in which way the viral product design works the best. The adoption was made possible in 2 ways. This was done through automated broadcast notifications and through personalized referrals. The most important conclusion was that Automated Broadcast Notifications generates more total peer influence than Personalized Invitations.

The second article was also about a study for explaining the influences of social networks. In this study they wanted to investigate how opinion leadership and social contagion within social networks affect the adoption of a new product. For this test the team created a newly launched prescription drug for treating a viral infection. With this drug the investigators wanted to see if social contagion is a significant driver for adoption behavior. It can be concluded that sociometric leaders are more willing to adopt in comparison with self-reported leaders.

The last article is about the influence that tweets can have on the image of certain brands. This article is closely related to the content of today’s last lecture from a graduated master student. In this study the writers wanted to know if there is a significant difference between automated coding systems (to classify sentiment from the tweets) and manual systems. This article confirmed that it is really possible to automatically extract sentiment out of tweets, and use this information for other corporate purposes.


During my poster presentation I will present the following examples related to the subject Diffusion and Social Influence.

KLOUT: KLOUT is an online platform which enables you as an individual or a company to measure your influence based on your ability to drive action on social networks. To use KLOUT you have to connect your social network(s) to the KLOUT-engine. KLOUT will generate a KLOUT-score which tells you to extent you are influencing or not. The higher the score the more influence you have in your social network.

Finchline: Finchline is a Dutch company which provides service for social media monitoring mainly focused on companies. It also provides realtime insight in news, twitter and facebook data. Finchline is also able to extract the sentiment out of news and tweets, to know if related news is negative or positive for your company.


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