Homework assignment: Diffusion and Social Influence


First I will tell you something about these weeks articles and after this short discussion I’ll something about my two examples.  

The first article was about the effectives of worth of mouth (WOM) and viral product design. Research has shown us that products with passive-broadcast viral messaging capabilities generates a 246% increase in local peer influence and social contagion. Where adding active personalized viral messaging, only increase for a additional 98%. This against the feeling of most people about this subject. Active personalized viral messaging however is more effective in encouraging adoption per message and therefore is correlated with more user engagement and sustained product use.


The second article questions some important assumptions. For instance that contagion need not to be as important as always had been thought or the importance of opinion leaders in speeding up the acceptance of new product. After these raised questions they investigate this opinion leadership and social contagion on the adoption off a new product.

The last article shows us how important Twitter can be for companies. The power of Twitter is increasing and so is the influence of this platform. Companies need to be close to this platform because the image of their brand can be made or crushed in the customer’s tweets. It shows how powerful the consumers are and how less influence companies have on social media like Twitter.


Now a short introduction of the two examples I have chosen, a more thorough explanation I will give you tomorrow during the poster presentation:

Klout, How influencing are you?

With Klout people can see how influencing they are in their (online) social network. They do this by giving you a Klout-Score and this reveals your influence, where 100 is very influencing and 0 is not any influence. This Score is based on the times you retweet (and others retweeting your tweets), number of status updates etc. So to improve this score you have to be more active on Facebook / Twitter etc. By example, Justin Bieber has a score of 92! 

Rankur, Monitor your online reputation!

Rankur shows companies their online reputation. This online platform uses all kind of sources, like Facebook, Twitter but also webpages etc. With this information they can do sentiment analyses (like last weeks tool Crowdflower) but you can also see the demographic variables of your consumers and many other things. The basic information is for free, but for more advanced options like sentiment analyses you have to pay. 


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