Flynt, the new social media character

KLM has decided to expand their social media team with a special Character: Flynt (Very Important Puppet).

Flynt has his own Facebook page ( From now on this character will show in his way the world of KLM, with a sense of humor.

Flynt has been made up by the social media team of KLM to help make hard subjects earier to discuss. His goal is to test their products, check out destinations, and show the organisation from the inside. The humor they will use is based on the fact that he missed the ‘social media boat’. What they mean with this is that he is a bit older so doesn’t exactly know how to use this tool.

While updating is status on facebook he will tell everything about what happends at KLM. An important feature of this character is that he will absolutely give answer to all questions asked. Ofcourse he can’t be at Facebook all day so it is possible that you will run into him on KLM, yes a real puppet.

If you want to read the full article check it out here:

And of course you want to check out his profile to:


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