Lightt: The Instagram Killer?

While I was going through the iTunes App Store I came across a app named Lightt. For those of you who use Instagram a lot, this is an interesting new way to see and share life, as it happens. With Lightt it is easy to capture and share what is happening around you. What this app does is it makes “highlights”, it grabs 10 seconds of time in a burst of pictures. These highlights will be upload instantly and will connect in a seamless stream of moving pictures. You can watch your highlights and the highlights shared by your friends.

What Lightt tries to accomplish is to make an evolution of how we capture life. Lightt is more expressive than a still photo (Instagram) and more accessible than a video. Cause with video you have to deal with editing, production, etc.

As stated on their website:

“Highlights you see are life unfolding, spontaneous, genuine and honest”

Try it out!

For those of you who are more interested.


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