Overly Attached Girlfriend

Hi Everyone,

By now you are probably familiar with the ‘Overly Attached Girlfriend meme’ you see in posts on 9GAG. At first, I just laughed at these pictures, but later on I googled her and found out that she is just a ordinary girl that has a normal life. Now she is going to use her viral reputation as the overly attached girlfriend with wide eyes and stalker of Justin Bieber for good causes in the world.

Laina Morris (her real name) is now starting to launch a series of Youtube video’s called “Dare to Share”. Laina has starting this because she believes that ‘the internet is a strong force that brings the whole world together. Nowadays we are more connected than ever through all possible channels. Together we can work to make it the most powerful method in helping others.’

Each month a new video with a new charity will be uploaded online. In these ‘Dare to Share’ video’s viewers can dare Laina to do crazy things and she will do this as money is raised for the charity each month. The first month (october) charity is Surf Camp; Laina tries to raise $50,000 for this Surf Camp, and in return she will do the following crazy things:

1. $1,000: I’ll drink a blend of five edible food without knowing what the content is.

2. $5,000: dance Gangnam Style in the Apple Store as a flash mob and have everyone join along.

3. $10,000: Eat as much food as possible and then ride the biggest rollercoaster I can find (And i’m deadly afraid of rollercoasters).

4. $50,000 Skydiving

I think it’s awesome that Laina Morris is using her funny viral reputation for good purposes. In the viral world, she seems to have a great voice and people (her followers) really like her. What do you guys think? Should you donate some money and believe that her Dare to Share video’s will actually work?

For the interested ones among us, here is the first video of the series ‘Dare to Share’



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