Crowdfunding saves and makes the world a better place.

This weeks subject was crowdsourcing and crowdfunding and I found a fun example about how crowdfunding kept a 129 years old business from going bankrupt.

UK based football club Darlington FC went bankrupt and there were no interested buyers. The fans therefore connected with crowdfunding platform Crowcube to raise ₤ 750.000 to buy the club. The managed to raise ₤ 291.450 (39%) in the first two weeks.

In times were a lot of football clubs can not manage to keep their finance healthy this is a interesting way of staying alive. I think that this fan based ownership will happen more often and is a good thing. The fans now have power to decide what happens to their beloved club and it shows that a community (crowd) is willing to help and involve themselves with saving old clubs and companies like Darlington FC

 In times where social entrepreneurship is in demand I think that crowdfunding is a good tool to help such starts ups to get financed. I think that through crowdfunding the world could become a better place.


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