Xbox Kinect Advertisements

While I started my Xbox360 for playing a game of FIFA 13 (all guys know what I’m talking about I hope), I came across a video about new ways of advertising through Xbox Kinect. Xbox Kinect is a little camera connected to your Xbox which monetizes your body moves. This can be used to browse through menus and play games. Even though I do not own a Kinect device, I was curious to check on this feature, so I started browsing on the Internet. The article I found was called ‘Kinect lets you interact with ads, may spy on your mood’.

Interactive Ads on Xbox Kinect are there already for a while. While the ad is playing, you can give your Xbox commands like ‘Xbox Share’ to share this advertisement on Facebook. There are also many other options, like letting the Xbox remind you later about the offer announced in the advertisement or giving answers on questions asked in the advertisement. A cool new feature where Xbox is working on is the option to spot your emotional status and then implement this in their way of advertising. If you look happy while watching an advertisement, Xbox might send you more advertisements on this matter. The writer of the article explains his concerns about this development, cause he thinks it will harm one’s privacy. Do you think that these ways of advertisement will be useful for companies, or will it be just another glitch? 

The article can be found on:

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