How to prevent problems caused by social media (Facebook)


I just read the post written by Joyce about Amanda Todd. The story is really awful but it let you think about the power social media like Facebook has. You really have to be careful what you post on sites like facebook and twitter. I searched for an site with some tips to help you preventing posting to much information. The information is for young girls but I think we all can learn from this!

The first point is that you shouldn’t post information online that contains information about arguments with friends and girl/boyfriends. This information can be used against you and therefore you should not post this kind of information.

The second point: do not post your departure date of your vacation online. When you are still living with your parents it is not a problem but when you are living alone or with your girl/boyfriend you shouldn’t post this. The information will be online and everybody can abuse this information. It is not nice to come home and your whole house is empty!

Third point, do not post private information of your family online without their permission. You don’t want to be responsible for problems caused by these (private) information!

Fourth point, do not post half nude pictures and drunk pictures online. If you want somebody to see these, send them a pm or a message, but ones the pictures is online you cant take them offline anymore! Your future boss may not like the pics you post now online at all!

Well these point may seem obvious, but think of the story of Amanda Todd, you really have to be careful online!


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