Social media as a tool to find a job

Yesterday I read an online article about the use of social media to find a job. It is a Dutch article, therefore I will outline the most important facts of it.

Last year 21% of the Dutch people who were looking for a job did this via social media. This year there was an increase to 38%. Especially the use of LinkedIn plays a big role in this process, it is used by 79% of the jobseekers in the Netherlands.

Besides the use of LinkedIn also the use of Facebook has increased this year. It is used by 41% of the jobseekers. Even though this percentage is not as high as the percentage of  LinkedIn, it is a high number for a social networking site compared to a professional network site. There is a difference in how men and women use social media to find a job. LinkedIn is more use by men and Facebook is more used by women.

Employers are also making more use of social media for offering jobs, it is about 29% this year. Even though social media is very upcoming to find a job, the vacancy sites are still the most popular, it is used by 97% of the jobseekers, so almost by everyone. But the decisive factor is still the face-to-face interview.

The full article can be read on:





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