The Creativity of Heineken

Heineken is very active in social media and comes up with lots of actions. It is nice to see how creative the social media team of Heineken is. They have managed to create a number of over 8 million likes for their Heineken-facebook page. They are very creative when it comes to social media, because they knwo how to please the facebook-followers with nice and funny topics at their page. Nowadays they are very active with the new marketing campaign of the new James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’. They created a special interactive game within facebook where you can win something by cracking the case. You have to connect with facebook to play the game. Interesting to see is that Heineken uses a lot of beautiful sexy woman in their campaigns and posts to attract the mainfocus-group; men.

 Speel het Heineken-spel hier

Heineken is a brand which is strongly associated with sociability which you can see in these youtube videos.

This little movie of Heineken gives a good example of a groupbuy discussed in the first lecture. The intention of Heineken is to get people together and let them give a beertender to eachother in a form of a present. This is a form of groupbuy. 

I think being active in social media is very important for such brands like Heineken. For a lot of brands it is more difficult to be as succesfull in social media as Heineken, because a lot of brands don’t have a precise focus-group like Heineken. For Heineken it is easy to post funny (cliche) things what is meant for men. It is harder for a company without a define focus-group to be succesfull in social media.


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