Facebook has reached 1 billion users

It just came to my attention that Facebook has actually reached their one billion users mark a couple of hours ago. And even though it’s just a number, I couldn’t help but feel a little impressed. I know this isn’t really an informative or educational post, but I felt it is worth sharing.

If you just stop for a moment and consider that one company has built a community of one billion people, and shows no signs of stopping there, it really is awe-inspiring. We can’t even imagine what one billion people together is like, or the power it gives individual users. Just look at how the world has already changed through the influence of Facebook, take the Haren incident for example.

I myself wonder if the next billion is going to take longer or shorter than the first one…

So this post is just meant as some food for thought, nothing to serious. At last I would like to show you the first commercial ad Facebook ever made, which they did to celebrate the one billionth user. It has an interesting message in my opinion, but I’ll let that be something for you to decide.



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