Never again buying the wrong size when online shopping!

Even though we discussed social commerce a couple weeks back, i stumbled upon an article related to this topic that was too interesting to not mention.

The article is about a new app called Verisize, developed by a group of students from the Computer Vision Centre in Barcelona (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona), with which you can find out your size for any piece of clothing and brand when purchasing online. Any online store can make use of this app to allow customers to easily estimate their sizes.

The app would be so helpful for so many online shoppers since finding the right size for clothing is hard enough but when sizing varies for every brand it becomes a nightmare for a lot of online shoppers. This causes a lot of people to stay away from online shopping or frequently buying the wrong size and ending up having to go through a lot of effort of returning the garment.

The app works by estimating your size after you have inserted your height, weight, age and choosing a body shape out of six possible profiles that the system provides. These body profiles were developed after researchers studied the ‘anthropomorphic’ characteristics of 50,000 people with different body types. This allowed for the statical modeling of the human body. The model used works in a way that when the user inserts basic data, such as age, weight and height, a virtual mannequin that looks like the user is created. This mannequin provides the best fit and thus size of a garment that a user has picked out at an online store.

The main objective of the app is to reduce the return rate and increase customer satisfaction. This can be a revolutionary app for e-commerce, as it would make online shopping so much easier for so many people.

The app is available to all online stores at In my opinion every store should really take a closer look at this app, it could be incredibly beneficial in terms of online shopping.

Verify your size at



Article available at:

Verisize website:


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