Social network sites for kids

Of course as a mom I think about my daughter all the time. And with all this talk about social media in class I really wonder how social media will affect her when she’s older. Although she’s only (almost) 9 months she already loves the Ipad and the laptop. With these early likings in technology it will only be ‘normal’ that new technologies as well as social media will be a big part of her life.

As a parent it’s my responsibility to keep my eye on her (digital) activities. But will my eye protect her from cyberbullying, nasty comments from her peers or peer pressure online? Maybe it depends where she will be online?

I found out about some Kid’s social network sites which (should) have better privacy and control options for parents. Parents are pretty much able to control the settings and the page. But knowing your parents can control your page it could be less fun, so kids might try to stay away from these sites. And also you can’t control what their friends say on such sites.

So what do you think about these ‘safe social network sites for kids’?

Have a nice weekend!


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