We’re alone in the universe, or we’re not.

I was just googeling around on the internet and then all of a certain I entered a website with many interesting articles about social media. Then I found a video from national geographic.

The video was about a project that continued to the ‘wow’ Signal. (See the image below)Source: NationalGeographic.com

Source: Nationalgeographic.com

The Wow signal is the first evidence of the human race having contact with extraterrestrials. With that, it is also one of the biggest mysteries in science. This contact or ‘possible contact’ started in 1977, but in all the years following it was never detected again.

Now, in 2012, the scientist decided not to only listen, but try to make contact. They want to do this by sending out thousands of tweets into the universe. They chose three stars in spance to sent them to.

It was a really interesting video, and I was pretty amazed by it. I don’t know if there are extraterrestrials, or if they can receive those tweets, it sure is an amazing project.

Here is the video, so just check it out!

If you want to know more about the Wow Signal, check out this link:



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