Multiple screen-advertising

Hello dear classmates,

Referring to the topic of digital marketing and advertising, I’ve stumbled upon an article about multiple screen-advertising implemented by Microsoft Advertising. Today’s consumers increasingly engage with media at different times and on different platforms, time shifting TV consumption, embracing online video and gaming, and accessing the web on mobile phones. This method/solution of multi-screen advertising allows campaigns to reach their target audiences, whenever and wherever they are.

What Microsoft Advertising offers, is a unique way of advertisement by using high-quality MSN media brands, the social media of Windows live and the extended reach and targeting of the Microsoft media network on a computer. For the mobile part they use Microsoft’s mobile advertising network, including MSN mobile and Windows live mobile. And finally they use the advantage of the social experience of Xbox in-game advertising and Xbox live on a TV screen to promote a product.

The article indicated that in 2010 there was more than 19 million multi-screen consumers in Europe alone. A figure that has doubled in the last year. An interesting example that I’ve found, was from McDonald Monopoly Reload campaign.

After having a very successful campaign with Monopoly in previous campaigns, McDonald wanted an advertising strategy so that they can reach their target audience by engaging a large-scale of youth in and across multiple platforms. What they also wanted was to drive traffic to the McDonald Monopoly Reload web and mobile sites and most important; to drive customers into their restaurants.

As an solution for the request McDonald had for the Monopoly campaign, Microsoft Advertising developed a multi-screen display campaign including a combination of customized MSN homepage takeover with online display advertising through MSN and Windows Live, mobile banner ads on Windows live Hotmail mobile and Windows live Messenger mobile to reach smartphone users in the target audience, and MSN mobile banner ads targeting iphone users.

Hence, the result of this multiple screen campaign for McDonald have shown that the online campaign delivered 182, 850 clicks from PCs and over 45,000 clicks from mobile phones (three times higher than the industry average for a campaign). And also the MSN Homepage takeover delivered a click-through rate of 42% higher than the industry average. Quite amazing numbers I must say…

So what was clear in the article is that by extending ads to PC, mobile and also TV screens, multi-screen advertising is now an essential strategy for improving reach, frequency and effectiveness among many. Don’t you think that we must use this method more often now a day, instead of focusing only on one social network or device??



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Microsoft Advertising, What’s on their screens. What’s on their minds: Reaching and engaging the multi-screen consumer 2010.


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