Social Networking Sites and Politics

I was thinking about how Social Media is used in something that has a big impact on society. And then I thought about the elections .

In 2008 social networks were used in presidential campaigns in America. Sites like Facebook were used to find political information. These sites are used by the politics to reach the younger voters.

This link shows a video about the use of social media in the elections.

Barack Obama used the social media in his campaign quite a lot. He has his own website ‘’ , but is also active on more mainstream pages like MySpace and Facebook to raise funds, attract volunteers, and publicize campaign events. Even on Facebook Obama defeated McCain. He has 2.4 million supporters and McCain only 624.00. Facebook helped bring in new voters, which provided Obama his victory.

When I looked at the elections in Holland it was obvious that all parties are using the social media a lot. But what I noticed when I looked at some twitter accounts is that Geert Wilders from the PVV is the only one who doesn’t seem to follow anyone, while the other candidates are interactive with others as well as being followed on twitter.

I was actually wondering if this is some kind of strategie he is using. Does anyone have an opinion about this?


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