The Future of Facebook

As I was doing some research on Facebook for our class presentation next friday, I came across this website talking about the future of Facebook.
You can watch six different video’s there, all about different aspects of life Facebook could impact in the future. One of these aspects is the economy and since I’m a business student and all that one naturally sparked my interest. The video introduces some very interesting ideas, one of those being a Facebook currency. They argue that since Facebook is close to reaching one billion subscribers, this presents some very interesting commercial opportunities. Companies would want to benefit from this enormous potential costumer base and Facebook would be happy to take a share of the profit. A way to connect these businesses with the Facebook users would be to use the Facebook credits that exist today as a new international currency. You would be able to pay for products with Facebook credits just like you use Euros or any other currency today. Once we get to that point Facebook could basically get involved in any aspect of society they would like and as such we could see Facebook becoming the ‘dashboard of life’, as said by one of the experts in one of the other video’s. Below you can find the video on the impact on economy, have a look if you think it’s interesting and share your opinion on how Facebook is going to evolve the upcoming years if you like.

Link to the website: The Future of Facebook


One thought on “The Future of Facebook

  1. I don’t really think there will be such a thing as a Facebook economy in the future. I certainly do think Facebook will be more commercial than it is now. Facebook will probably interact with big company’s so it can give you rewards for certain actions, but I don’t think these transactions will be done with Facebook credits. I think that it is most likely those transactions will be done with US Dollars considering Facebook’s headquarter is placed in the U.S.. If Facebook will use a kind of credit they created by themselves, it will get a lot of protest from the other currencies around the world. So yes I do think Facebook will become more important than it is today, but I don’t think it will become as important as they say in this video.

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